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This site provides information and news for female gamblers.

Female poker players and female gamblers from across the world are now making their mark in the gambling world. Every year, new female gamblers make an appearance at the World Series of Poker and many of those get their seats at the WSOP tables through internet gambling satellites.

However, Internet Gambling, can for some females pose a real danger to someone that has a problem. In the UK, Canada, and the US, problem gambling has become an epidemic and the only way for it to get better is for gamblers to step forward and seek help.


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Our site is for females looking for some fun playing, but also a place to find help with problem gambling.

Some advice everybody should know is that you should not gamble more than you can afford. However, problem gamblers cannot afford to wager a single dollar as it can lead to a slide of financial turmoil and complete devastation. Knowing that you are a problem gambler might take some self-realization, but it doesn't mean you have to hit bottom before trying to get better. Instead, find help with your gambling problem before you start to lose parts of your life that you worked so hard to achieve.

Gambling can be fun for both men and women

Gambling can be fun if done in moderation. The difference that has come to light between online casinos and land based casinos like those found in Las Vegas and Macau is that online casinos are rather solitary. Because online gambling takes place at the home, a very strong level of self discipline is required to maintain a gambling hobby that is within healthy limits. When you are at an online casino, it is important to set limits and not go beyond them. Try not to play for more than 2 hours at a time and never play when you are too tired. If you find that your online gambling hobby is taken over other aspects of your life such as personal relationships, your ability to pay bills or anything else that can be connected to your gambling, then it is time to set gambling aside and possibly seek help if becomes too much for you to handle.

There has not been a study that conclusively states that there is an advantage in online casinos based on gender. There have been studies that show that men are most often prone to being problem gamblers when compared to figures collected for both genders.

If you ever wondered on the amount or percentage of females who engage in online gambling games, then you are about to find out, as there is a survey that has been commissioned by the Belle Rock group for online casino gambling. Belle group is considered one of the online gambling titans in the United Kingdom. As this group provides various online casinos that come with high ratings by this website, for example, Jackpot City, Gaming Club and River Belle. All of these online casinos are powered by Microgaming and of course they have the appropriate license needed from the Gaming Authority.


This survey’s goal was to identify the number and percentage of female players on the online gambling market, and not only the ones using the Belle Rock venues. It was performed by Hitwise, a leading consumer search analyst and survey engine. The results were stunning, as the numbers indicated that the amount of female players on the online gambling community in the United Kingdome has increased rapidly from 2007 – 2010, it increased by the amount of 4 times. This means the number of women playing on online gambling casinos and jackpot slots is the same number of men. And according to the numbers specified by the Belle Rock Entertainment, that the exact numbers of females in 2011 was 43.38% of the total number of players, which makes the percentage of men 51.62 %, this shows how close the numbers are between male and female players.


These numbers were backed by a report that identified the reason for such numbers, the main reason being that the online gambling casinos supply the women with a safe and secure environment. This environment isn’t provided in the land based casinos where they will have to deal with the bemused looks that males tend to give to women at the casinos. Of course since that study, online gambling casinos have been taking advantage of this research to the max, as now a lot of casinos have special female casino game oriented venues and female bingo halls. This study was accompanied by a report that was published by Belle Rock that stated that men play different games, and they vary their options, in opposing to women, who don’t change the game often. As for the games each of the sexes play, studies also shown that men tend to play poker, sport betting and roulette, while women prefer the lucky games such as the online slot machines and bingo. Speaking of bingo halls, women dominate these halls by having double the number of men, which made bingo an all-time female game.


There is another study that involves women, as a report was published at NBCU that states that women nowadays are more savvy than men when it comes to technology. This statement was backed by numbers that indicated that 54% of the women own some kind of smart phone, while men’s percentage was only 46%. The study always stated that women are more likely to have a Nintendo Wii or a smart phone.

Female Gamblers on the Internet

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There are a lot of forums that are out there plus guides for gamblers both male and female. When it comes down to it, there's no advantage in gender when it comes to online gambling.