Gambling Guide

The top games that female gamblers play are online poker, blackjack, roulette and then there are about 20% that play online slots professionally. Only online poker is considered a game of skill while other games are considered as games of chance. There are some that have stated that online slots are not random, but that has not been proven anywhere but in land based casinos.

Slot Machines in Canada

Female gamblers are currently the top ranking gender in slot machines in Canada. Recent statistics show that before the advent of online gambling, female gamblers were predominantly playing slot machines in Canada within land based casinos 5 to 1 when compared to male gamblers. Slot machines were originally created to give women an entertaining time at the casino while the men played poker. Now, times have changed and while slot machines are still very popular with women, males are no longer the online gender playing the sport of poker and online poker. Here is a help guide to free casino bonus Gambling Guide for women is currently in development as we collect more data to assist female gamblers in the quest to conquer online gambling and online casinos. Female gamblers in Canada are also playing more and more online, if you look at Canadian websites like casino you will see how popular the games have become.